26 March, 2021

Databook Adds Insight Coverage for Private Companies

Announcements, Enterprise Sales, Sales Strategy

Anand Shah

Over the past four years, Databook has transformed the customer intelligence market by delivering the most comprehensive and innovative set of data and insights for publicly traded companies globally. Today, we are furthering that lead to include insight coverage for private companies, too. 

This development is a huge advantage for savvy go-to-market teams because private entities aren’t required to release critical information through the same channels as public companies—making access to strategic insights extremely difficult. Now Databook is clearing this historical hurdle, enabling sales and marketing organizations to gain incredibly deep visibility into their privately held prospects and customers. Armed with this valuable data, they can better understand and align with customer priorities, engage buyers with pain and urgency, and position best-fit solutions and use cases that will drive their desired business outcomes.

Leveraging Databook’s new insight coverage for private companies, users can:
  • Create a point-of-view for a private company, using Databook insights to uncover priorities and pain points
  • Identify buyers with pain and urgency to engage
  • Use Databook insights to draft hyper-personalized outreach emails to key buyers at private companies
  • Auto-generate a customized sales deck for a meeting with the private company
  • Spot key events that might accelerate or pose risks to existing opportunities, or uncover new opportunities
  • And much more!

How it Works

Since private companies rarely publish strategic and operational data publicly, Databook draws insights from a customized peer group of similar companies that are publicly traded. These insights can then be used to drive focused discovery with the customer based on trends observed with the company’s peers. 

For example, a sales rep might reach out to an executive at a private company by stating, “We noticed that gross margins are declining in your industry, and your peers are investing heavily into supply chain automation. Is this a priority for your organization as well?” This focused and attentive approach increases engagement by ensuring that sellers and GTM teams are relevant and credible, arriving with a salient point-of-view rather than a collection of blind and generic discovery questions (such as “What keeps you up at night?”).

Ready to Leverage Insight Coverage for Private Companies?

With Databook, you can now get the same critical insights about your privately held customers as you do about your publicly traded customers. With this release, Databook now provides comprehensive coverage of 44k of the largest public and private Enterprises in the world, but we will continue to expand that data set over time. Contact us today to find out how you can get access to these unique and innovative insights.