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The First Two Courses Are Designed to Develop Business Acumen and Elevate Executive Conversations with Worldwide Enterprise GTM Teams

Trailer Course 1, Anand Shah, CEO, Databook


About Course 1: Business Fundamentals for Enterprise Sales

In this Course, Databook CEO and global financial expert Anand Shah provides tactical strategies for professional sellers in search of bigger, better, and faster deals. Seven unique video modules plus a companion workbook help viewers learn how to pinpoint a customer’s most urgent business needs using public investor data—then craft a specific point-of-view designed to grab C-suite attention. This is a must-watch course for anyone looking to master the elite art of executive selling.

Trailer Course 2, Eric Shaver, Managing Partner, Kensei Partners


About Course 2 Speaking Excel™: Selling in the Executive Dialect

In this course, C-level selling expert Eric Shaver shows you how to successfully engage executives as a peer in their language and guide their investment decisions to your assets.  You will learn over the course of seven modules how to: position what you are selling in terms of the value drivers against which they are measured, free yourself from budget dependency, increase and accelerate revenue creation through the C-suite and differentiate yourself from everyone asking for funding.


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