Sound familiar?

  • Unless you find a way to boost pipeline, increase deal value, and elevate productivity, you’ll never make quota, let alone exceed it.

  • Elite sellers seem to engage customers on a whole new level, but you’re not sure you have the insights to follow suit.

  • Working directly with executives is risky when you don’t have the right data or deliverables to speak their language.

  • You’ve tried too many tools that promise productivity, so it’s easier to stick to familiar and comfortable techniques.

Close like a champion

The top 1% of account managers have been selling a different way for decades, closing millions in deals while keeping the pipeline full. Now Databook helps you up-level your game, without needing an MBA.

Turning real-time company insights into personalized, automated points of view, Databook solutions provide a wealth of features that accelerate the sales cycle while giving you expert industry credibility. Leverage Databook insights to engage more executives, elevate deal value, and annihilate your quota year after year.

Databook takes you to the winner’s circle

Our customers are killing it on pipeline creation, and they’re saving as much 74% of the time they used to spend closing deals. Here’s how they succeed.

Enterprise Customer Intelligence Platform

Databook’s flagship application is the ultimate easy button for every account manager, putting real-time insights about every account right at your fingertips. Get quality data from trusted sources with the contacts necessary to reach the right person at all levels of the organization. Up-to-date industry and company data show you a customer’s specific spend drivers and pivots, even as the landscape shifts. And smart notifications keep you on top of your customers with a nudge.


Account Intelligence

Databook’s Prospect Intelligence module shows a propensity-to-buy score for all your accounts, so you can easily prioritize where to focus time and resources. Use the Opportunity Intelligence module to highlights any opportunities at risk, and integrate with your CRM to make sure reps are engaging the right contacts and customers.


Account-Based Selling

Databook’s solutions for account-based selling prepare you to effectively and personally engage with C-suite executives who have the power to move the needle. The Outreach Email Builder auto-generates customized, data-driven content you can send to execs to bolster credibility, all at the touch of a button.


Automated Sales Presentations

Elevate the power of every rep on the team with personalized deliverables you can download in just a few clicks. Databook’s powerful tools automatically combine customer intelligence with your company use cases to generate everything from multi-slide decks to data-rich executive briefings. And they’re populated for you, so you spend less time on the manual prep and more time scoring high-value executive meetings.


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