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  • There’s no alignment between management, marketing, and sales on where and how to invest resources.

  • Personalized, one-to-one marketing is the most effective way to support sales, but you don’t have the time or budget to make it happen.

  • Deploying and integrating an assortment of marketing tools drains the budget and doesn’t keep everyone on the same page.

  • You need proper analytics tied to CRM to measure the success of your efforts.

Invest in an approach that make sense

Lead generation without accurate insights or personalized points of view is just an expensive game of hit or miss. Can you afford to keep playing? Databook offers a step-change in Marketing return on investment with a personalized, scalable approach that’s never been done before—and it’s proven to achieve 350x ROI on average, with payback in about 90 days.

Databook solutions leverage real-time data to not only qualify leads but actually prioritize them by urgency. Furthermore, Databook helps you act on that insight with personalized points of view you can generate in a matter of minutes. Combine those advantages with Databook’s solution for simplified, accurate analytics, and you’ll finally align the critical go-to-market motions of both sales and marketing teams.

Databook offers an end-to-end solution set

Databook customers see exponential ROI through aggressive, long-term increases in both customer engagement and pipeline. Here’s how they do it.

Enterprise Customer Intelligence Platform

Databook’s cloud-based application provides a foundation of real-time insights on all your customers and prospects. With intelligence that’s instantly accessible to the entire go-to-market team, you can easily align sales and marketing strategies with enhanced efficiency.


Account Intelligence

Databook’s Prospect Intelligence module ensures your efforts are pointed at companies with the greatest propensity to buy, while our Opportunity Intelligence workbench delivers simple, elegant CRM integration for analytics that track attribution and campaign success.


Account-Based Selling

Databook’s Outreach Email Builder module helps sales reps lighten the workload by auto-generating their own customized, data-driven content. In turn, this aligns with your one-to-one marketing efforts by ensuring a personalized approach that doesn’t demand time and resources from you.


Automated Sales Presentations

Databook’s solutions for a variety of automated sales decks and deliverables make more efficient use of everyone’s time and budget. Whether creating first call sales decks or industry benchmarking sheets, content generation is fast, easy, and personalized.


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