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  • Instead of being driven by actual data, pipeline and sales forecasts are at the mercy of external forces.

  • Your competition is stepping up with investments in value capabilities because customers care about business impact and results.

  • Meanwhile, your go-to-market team isn’t equipped to have value-based conversations, and their productivity is underwhelming.

  • Your sales teams don’t have the depth of customer intelligence they need to take performance to the next level.

Unleash data-driven momentum

When your company’s bottom line depends on the ability to meet revenue goals and best the competition, Databook is the go-to platform for achieving next-level performance.

Leveraging real-time insights to instantly power everything from personalized points of view to custom, automated sales decks, Databook solutions enable an easy, repeatable process for creating a full pipeline and greater efficiencies across the board, with a flywheel effect that makes projections more predictable.

Databook solutions cover every challenge

Our customers are achieving massive hikes in pipeline value and over-achievement of quota. Here’s how they’re doing it.

Enterprise Customer Intelligence Platform

Databook’s powerful cloud-based application delivers real-time insights on all your customers and prospects. Instantly accessible intelligence helps the entire go-to-market team rapidly ramp up business acumen to become experts at value-based selling.


Account Intelligence

By enabling greater understanding of which accounts are most likely to buy, Databook solutions can dramatically improve forecasting accuracy while helping sales reps boost performance and productivity. Managers can even track activity to make sure reps are focused on opportunities for the biggest deals, using Databook to help keep efforts aligned.


Account-Based Selling

Databook helps reps quickly leverage a one-to-one approach with auto-generated, personalized email content that can be tailored to specific senders and recipients. Not only is the process scalable and repeatable, but it can also lead to more exec-level meetings that accelerate sales cycles and generate bigger deals.


Automated Sales Presentations

Databook’s solutions for a variety of automated sales deliverables are massive time-savers that kick productivity into overdrive. One-click downloads, customized for everything from first calls to executive briefings, ensure consistent points of view are shared with influential buyers. At the same time, higher sales productivity means more Account Execs meet quota and pipeline remains consistent.


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