Sound familiar?

  • Inaccurate sales forecasts make it difficult to understand where you’re needed and how to respond efficiently.

  • The multitude of tasks involved in sales ops, enablement and engineering demands time and productivity you simply don’t have.

  • Lack of standardization across these teams adds further stress and hampers scalability.

  • Prioritization and resources suffer when decisions aren’t driven by real-time data and insights.

Supercharge your sales support

Resource constraints and a general lack of visibility can make it difficult to work efficiently and productively. With Databook, however, Sales Ops professionals become superheroes, capable of driving productivity at scale with the click of a button.

Sellers use Databook to target high propensity-to-buy accounts, while you leverage activity tracking features to monitor their efforts. One rep needs a personalized use case while another needs an industry peer comparison? No problem. Databook’s auto-generated deliverables help you provide customized support in minutes. Now every rep gets the benefit of your scaled expertise. And everyone elevates performance.

Databook sets you up for success and efficiency

What if your team could complete months of work in a matter of minutes, all while increasing the forecasting accuracy by as much as 50%? Databook customers are making it happen, and here’s how.

Enterprise Customer Intelligence Platform

Delivering real-time customer data through a secure, cloud-based application, Databook’s Enterprise Customer Intelligence platform standardizes every seller on the same platform, with the same powerful insights. Databook effectively closes the expertise gap between reps, so everyone is positioned to perform at peak capacity.


Account Intelligence

Databook’s powerful solutions for account intelligence help reps understand which customers are most likely to buy while enabling you to track their activities around those opportunities. Achieve increased visibility, while ensuring more accurate forecasting to help you prepare for the work ahead.


Account-Based Selling

Databook’s robust tools help sellers quickly and automatically produce personalized outreach email content. And when sellers become more productive, Sales Ops teams are free to focus on delivering more value-critical support.


Automated Sales Presentations

Databook’s one-click presentation tools enable sales teams to automatically create deliverables featuring relevant customer insights and branded layouts with no additional support required. Now business cases, product marketing, and sales enablement expertise can be decentralized to every seller and focused on customer priorities. And sales reps can instantly generate their own data-driven industry peer comparisons, so they’re ready to converse with executives and secure CXO meetings.


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