Sound familiar?

  • Why is your role the only one capable of driving value-based discussions with customers, when that’s all they want to talk about?

  • You need to prioritize your energy on more critical parts of the sales cycle, not wasting time helping reps create use cases.

  • Your job would be a lot easier if value engineering were a scalable concept built into the sales journey.

  • The team could vastly increase pipeline if they could clearly demonstrate value impact to customers in every deliverable.

Quickly apply value expertise to every opportunity.

By delivering easy, real-time access to critical company and industry insights, Databook sets the stage for a smarter, accelerated sales journey. And when Value Engineers load their business cases into Databook, productivity soars even further.

Your developments combine with Databook’s in-depth analytics to effectively scale the concept of value selling to the field, so sellers can leverage your expertise across 100% of opportunities. Databook makes it incredibly fast, too. Typically, account execs take about
40 hours to prepare a personalized sales point of view and around 8 hours to prepare for an executive meeting.

Databook shrinks that time by 74% so you can focus your attention where it belongs: on the biggest deals.

Databook solutions continuously build value

Our customers are seeing 9x more value-oriented customer conversations that, in some cases, lead to an average deal size that’s 250% greater. Here’s how they do it.

Enterprise Customer Intelligence Platform

Databook’s foundational, cloud-based application provides an easy way for everyone on the go-to-market team to focus on value-based selling. Real-time company insights into buying trends and management intent help pinpoint which value drivers will fuel the sales cycle, end to end.


Account Intelligence

Databook’s solutions for both prospect and opportunity intelligence put the right data in front of the whole team, making it faster and simpler to prioritize accounts with a higher propensity to buy. Easily highlight where the value potential lies for each account, so you can build more effective use cases.


Account-Based Selling

Leveraging data loaded in from your own developed use cases, Databook’s easy-to-use Outreach Email Builder becomes a scalable tool that empowers sales reps to be their own value consultants. Personalized, auto-generated content speaks directly to the business impact for each account, without demanding your time.


Automated Sales Presentations

Scaling your expertise leaves you more time to focus on critical accounts. That’s why Databook developed solutions that automatically create personalized sales deliverables focused on the value potential. Simply load in your models, and reps can generate value-oriented sales presentations with a single click, over and over again. In just a few hours, sellers in the field can develop a solid point of view, including peer benchmarking, on any company.


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