Databook is a game changer

“Databook will revolutionize how you do account planning and how you prepare your reps to sell into their accounts. And it does all of this in a way that is entirely accessible to the average sales rep. GAME. CHANGER.”

Big increase in average deal size

The new meetings that we’ve booked by leveraging Databook insights tend to hold at a higher rate, with fewer cancellations. I think part of the reason for the higher hold rate is that we’re demonstrating that we understand their business and that we’re meeting because we have something to share that we know is of strategic value to them.

Account planning set to easy

“You have to have a tool like Databook in order to empower your account team with trusted and reliable information. There’s a lot of things that you can buy that provide data to teams, but it has to be something that they feel confident in using.”

Value-based discussions at scale

“With its unique insights and account planning capabilities, our sales teams can consistently anticipate their customers’ needs and drive value-based discussions – at scale – resulting in deeper customer connections and sizable incremental revenue.”